COVID Vaccine:
Not Required
spring goaltimate (adult)
Player Limits:
Male: 48
Female: 24

Registration Opens:
February 20, 2018
Registration Closes:
March 11, 2018

Play Begins:
March 18, 2018
Play Ends:
March 19, 2018

Games will be played Sundays at Walker Park from 11am to 2pm. A 1-day end-of-season tournament will take place Sunday, May 5th at Walker. Cores due by March 5th to setomarc (at) gmail . com and mccargo (at) gmail . com. Draft on Tuesday, March 14th.

Registration Details

Active (Male): 3 /48
Registering: 0
Total Registered: 33
Active (Female): 0 /24
Registering: 0
Total Registered: 12


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This league has no teams yet.

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