Are COVID-19 Vaccines Required to Play in AFDC Leagues?

Some AFDC leagues require proof of COVID-19 Vaccination Status to participate. Whether or not a league requires vaccination is determined by the AFDC after consideration of reccomendations of the CDC and USAU, local vaccination and community transmission rates, and other factors.

In leagues where vaccines are required, no waivers or exemptions will be permitted.

How do I confirm my vaccination status with the AFDC?

In order to particpate in leagues that require vaccination, you'll need to upload a photo of your vaccine card to the AFDC via this Google Form.

An AFDC official will review the documents provided and then mark AFDC leagues site account as confirmed vaccinated. League commissioners will have access to vaccine status of players in their leagues, but will not have access to the uploaded documents.

Please keep in mind that supplying falsified vaccine records or those belonging to someone else is a violation of federal law and could result in consequences including a lifetime ban from AFDC activities and referral to law enforcement.

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