COVID Vaccine:
Not Required
winter ultimate (adult)
Player Limits:
Male: 111
Female: 48

Registration Opens:
November 15, 2017
Registration Closes:
December 8, 2017

Play Begins:
December 9, 2017
Play Ends:
December 10, 2017

When: December 9th and 10th/ Where: Georgia Soccer Park (Parking is $1)/ Time: Check-in starts at 8:00am on Saturday. Games start at 9am. / Cost: $35, includes admission to 12 Days Party, awesome Spin jersey, and a lot of awesome ultimate!/ Pairs: Pairs will be CONSIDERED./ Bring: You MUST wear a hat. No visors. No hats with straps./ Blind Bet: Bring $5 and someone will take your bet on who you think will win it all! Pot will be split if more than one person wins/ DOGS: Gentle reminder that dogs are currently not permitted at Georgia Soccer Park; anyone bringing one to the fields will be asked to immediately take them home. Cleats will be allowed this year!

Registration Details

Active (Male): 109 /111
Registering: 0
Total Registered: 126
Active (Female): 44 /48
Registering: 0
Total Registered: 48


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