spring ultimate (adult)
Player Limits:
Male: 32
Female: 16

Registration Opens:
April 13, 2016
Registration Closes:
April 21, 2016

Play Begins:
April 24, 2016
Play Ends:
April 24, 2016

Since SNL didn't happen due to fields, we're creating SLAM (Sunday Late Afternoon Mini)! In the future this will be a league, but with the late start, we're just doing a one-day tournament this year. We're also bringing back the cash prizes!

Registration Details

Active (Male): 1 /32
Registering: 0
Total Registered: 2
Active (Female): 0 /16
Registering: 0
Total Registered: 0


Rank Team Captains Spirit Record Pt. Diff.
This league has no teams yet.

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